What is Point-of-Purchase Marketing

What is Point-of-Purchase Marketing?

“A point-of-purchase (POP) is a place where sales are made. On a macro-level, a point of purchase may be a mall, market or city. On a micro-level, retailers consider a point of purchase to be the area surrounding the counter where customers pay. It is also known as point of sale” (POP Definition | Investopedia)

Often referred to as “the last 3 feet of the marketing campaign”, point-of-purchase marketing constitutes a variety of displays and signs to attract consumers. Point-of-purchase does not feature urban style Instagram photos, social media giveaways, or full feature Youtube videos, but it is an integral part of any marketing campaign. Point-of-purchase marketing features the company brand, message, and product, physically in front of the consumer when they are the most ready to make a purchase, in-store and wallet in hand.

Point-of-Purchase: 82% of mass merchant purchase decisions are made in-store

In-Store Decision Rate
Understanding of how and where shoppers are making their decisions is a key insight of why there is a greater need for a well placed PoP strategy. According to a study conducted by POPAI, 82% of shoppers made their decision in-store. 18% specifically planned their purchase. 17% were generally planned. 3% substituted their planned purchase (POPAI).

Point-of-Purchase Features

Customizable Design
Point-of-purchase displays and retail displays are fully customizable. Plastec R&D’s specialty is to work with our clients and design teams to achieve proper dimensions and help get the right message to consumers with displays with a custom tailored look and feel.

Stand Out of the Crowd
Whether someone is at a retail store, trade show, or any other event, PoP/retail displays allows the product to stand out from its competition. Most importantly, PoP displays helps get cold products into the customer’s hands.

Establish Branding & Increase Brand Awareness
Products are sold in a highly competitive space, and similar products are sold at similar prices. Consumer purchasing decision often falls to their awareness and trust of the brand. Often times, unknown brands are passed over in preference for established brands. Well-designed PoP marketing helps establish the brand on the frontlines.

Common types of PoP / Retail Displays

  • Pegboard
  • Sign holder
  • Product display case
  • Front-end merchandisers