2 Ways a Retail Store can Save Money on Fixtures

The look and feel of a retail space is the first thing a customer notices when they walk into a store. The image of a retail store sets the tone of the shopper’s mood and assumptions as they browse, this is because consumers unconsciously rely on image recognition. Retail stores spend extra money and efforts to establish positive images consumers can relate to, however, furniture and fixtures can be a costly necessity. So you might ask, what are my other options?

2 Ways a Retail Store can Save Money on Fixtures

    (1) Renew your existing fixtures
    (2) Buy used and renew

Refresh your existing fixtures or newly bought used fixtures by re-surfacing and re-branding. Repaint the fixture for a brand new look, and replace broken or worn tags, emblems, and signs with custom fabricated ones. Adding new signs and emblems changes the aesthetics, allowing you to update your store with a smaller budget. As an added bonus fabricating custom signs with your logo expands your brand’s presence.

Case study: LB Vapors, The West
With the success of the first retail vape shop, LB Vapors, store owner, Jeff, expanded his retail business by opening a second location in Long Beach, CA. To save costs Jeff acquired used fixtures and furniture to furnish the second location. Unfortunately, used fixtures are not in pristine condition, and often times they are missing parts, and show wear-and-tear. In this case, Jeff purchased a display case with damages where a sign used to be. Jeff gave us a call and fabricated a custom placard with his store logo.

After resurfacing, cleaning, and installing the new placard, LB Vapors, now has a custom and branded display case for fraction of the cost. Jeff purchased a used display case that normally sells for $500 brand new for $50.00, and created a custom sign for $50.00, for a total cost of $100, a $400 instant saving!

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