Is Your Store or Product Ready for the Holidays?

We are now in the 4th quarter and the highest grossing shopping season is upon us. Is your store or product ready for the holidays? We all have concentrated on our websites, boosted our SEO, populated our social media, and even purchased advertising, but does your product stand out in the retail space?


Without the right presentation, it’s easy for your product to be lost in the sea of competition. Multiple sources indicated that Wal-Mart alone has been reported to carry more than 200,000 SKUs and Target has reported 80,000 SKUs.

Your products need to stand out, and even more so, in a way that conveys your company message and establishes trust. A clean and professional show case will not only grab the consumer’s attention, but show that there’s more care and value in your brand and product.

With our services, we can help you finalize your holidays sales strategy by designing custom pieces that grabs attention. Get your product ready for the holidays by displaying it for maximum sales! Our services include:

  • Fabrication
  • Engraving
  • Printing

It’s not too late to create display cases and stands to get the attention your product or store deserves. Plastec R&D specializes in designing custom displays to maximize presence that fits the needs of your brand, contact us now for free consultation!